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Altering Reality

What if you could change the future? But unlike sci-fi shows that inevitably cause unintended harm to the future, you had a special "safe filter" that checked all your future change requests, and only let the ones that were "safe" get done? God can and does that very thing through the prayers of people who know Him. How is that possible? Isn't that a bit presumptuous?

God Invites YOU to change the future.

Remember the "Lord's Prayer"? He tells His disciples to pray His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Why? Isn't He God? Can't he do it all? Yes He could. But what is clear in the Lord's prayer is that he is inviting us to be a part of His will being done on Earth. Now, if God is going to do what God is going to do, then asking us to pray for His will to be done would be "make work". Essentially of no real value at all. I don't see God asking us to do stuff for no reason. Do you? I don't see Him asking us to do stuff just to fill time. This means that while God is sovereign and ultimately in control, He has chosen to partner with us in seeing His will happen here on planet Earth. This means that there is stuff that happens when you pray, that does not happen when you do not pray. Wow. This means that thru your partnering with God's will, you can change reality, and alter the future. That is a very powerful super power. You can imagine that if you could get anything you asked for it could cause all kinds of problems! Think of a all powerful Genie, that has to do what ever you wish. In all Genie stories, people find out that making a good wish is harder than it looks and most wishes that appear good, can backfire. But with God, he asks us to partner with Him by praying His will. His will is good. And he can see the end from the beginning so He knows what will turn out for good and what will not. He loves to give good gifts to His children. So seek God's will. Learn Gods will. Pray Gods will, and alter reality. God is waiting for your prayers.

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