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We believe God planted our Church in Colfax to tell and demonstrate the great news about God.  God Exists. He Loves you.  He wants to fill you.   He has made the most incredible difference in our lives.  Because of that, we are on a mission to invest time, energy, prayer, money, and love into our communities to make our area all they can be – for the glory of God and the good of humanity. Come by and check us out.  You will be welcome.

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Ken Geer

Senior Pastor

Ken Geer has walked with God most of his life.  He and his wife Paula and their 3 children joined the Church in 2000.  He became the Pastor in 2014.  He is bi-vocational and also works at HPE as a Security Engineer building Mission Critical Servers. Ken brings the Word of God understandable in a deep and practical way.

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Nathan Jay

Youth Pastor

Nathan and his Wife Teresa live in Colfax.

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Dana Baskett

Worship Leader

Dana Baskett has attended this church since with His with Becky and their children.

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Praying Together

80 Years in Colfax

The US Assemblies of God is over 100 years old now. It is considered one of the fastest growing denominations, now numbering over 69 Million members worldwide. 25 years after the birth of the AoG, a small band of believers in 1939 gathered in a home in Colfax for fellowship. Under the leadership of Rev. C.E. Haddock, and after much prayer, the group decided to start a church that would fulfill their vision of ministering to the spiritual & practical needs of Colfax and its families. It became known as Colfax Assembly of God. For the next two years, the fledgling church met at a hotel in town, likely the old Colfax Hotel. The property was bought on the corner of Culver St and Newman where a church facility was built with mostly volunteer labor. In 1941, the church was dedicated and the congregation moved in with great anticipations for the future. Now, 80 years later, in a new era and changing culture, Colfax Assembly of God has not lost that early sense of mission & purpose - to reach out to the community and its families with encouragement & love by helping them deal with the challenges of life. The congregation continues to meet for its activities at the Culver Sreet church, along with their multi-purpose property on So. Auburn Sreet. Teenagers gather every Friday night led by Pastor Nathan Jay. Over the years, scores of children have been active in Royal Rangers and Girl's Ministries. Kid's Church meets during the Sunday 10 AM worship service and Discipleship the week. In the past, the church often had one of the floats entered in the 4th of July parade. For a few Summer's, it used the Community Center for a weekly youth hangout called "The Spot". Attractions included a climbing wall, skateboarding, dramas, movies and more. Colfax Assembly is a member of the local Ministerial Association that sponsors the annual Good Friday and other services and other community events, such as children's VBS, Marriage seminar and hosting vendor booths at community events. Members of the church include two Law Enforcement and Community Chaplains.

Over the years the church has had several different pastors.  Here are a few.  Ken Geer has been our pastor since 2015. Prior to that, pastor Rev. Don Hall, was Senior Pastor for over 5 years, and still serves as Chaplain in the County Jail system. Former Pastors for 16 years, Stan & Julie Koon, still reside in the Colfax area, providing counseling services & teaching seminars for local churches.

Colfax Assembly extends a warm welcome to everyone to drop in for a visit.

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